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We Turn Your Ideas Into Action


Our clients have plenty of great ideas, but not enough time or the right skills to turn them into action. We help both small and medium businesses define those ideas and make them come to life. Best of all, our clients aren’t subsidising the costs of a consulting firms’ infrastructure. A typical project can be broken down into the following phases: 

1. Idea

Our clients have solid ideas/plans, but may not have the resources, skills or time within their team to turn them to action.


Some ideas our clients have are:

  • New business idea

  • Formal marketing planning

  • Outsourced marketing model

  • Desire to be faster to market

  • New product/service extension

  • Channel partner programme

  • Revised offering

2. Formalise

We help clients commit woolly ideas to paper. Typically this means a comprehensive review to flush out the details involving stakeholders & a SWOT analysis. We deliver a useful picture of the idea, either as a Power Point Presentation or a Business Plan Skeleton. 

3. Structure

We add structure and our clients’ ideas take shape. We structure the idea through a combination of any of the following:

  • Stress Test

  • Timeline Development

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Planning & Forecasting

  • Investment Analysis

  • Marketing Planning

  • Outsourcing Options


Some deliverables are:

  • Marketing Plan

  • Business Plan

  • Customer Journey Roadmap

  • Outline

  • Initial Budget Planning
4. Find & Manage Resources

We identify resourcing needs and help our clients fulfil it. These can be internal or external resources.


A typical deliverable at this stage is:

  • Roles & Responsibilities (RACI)

  • Detailed Creative/Agency Brief

  • Comprehensive RFP

  • Internal Team Training

  • Agency Short List

  • Revised Budget

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