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Building the Marketing Function for an Agency

As an agency new to a market, one of our clients needed to be seen as a thought leader and become involved in content and B2B marketing. Marketing activities were rarely undertaken and never systematically done.  


The first step was to define what B2B marketing activities to include and what to not include. A growth plan for broadening this function also needed to be created. 


The next step was to commit the plan to paper and better define the growth strategy for the following year. A RACI model was developed for the creation of content. An editorial calendar and events calendar were also agreed.  All best practices were defined and formally documented. 

Channel partners were chosen and contacted in each geographic region. A blog and press release writer was retained and new marketing staff were hired. 

The agency consistently ranked number one in search for the term “affiliate agency”. There was consistent month-on-month growth in social media engagement across all markets. 

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